Carlyn Davis, ’24

Sofia Garcia, '26

It burns your skin and turns it into ashes
People don’t see that once fire burns someone they have permanent scratches and patches
You try to drop tuck and roll but in the end the fire is only extinguished for a minute
You feel the fire come again and you keep going and going but eventually you reach your limit
You try to get out of the house and yet again more fire burns around you as people do not care for the planet
You go back into the house to search for water to end the suffering and search every cabinet
People continuing to burn things around you as the smoke stabs at your lungs
You are seeing you life flashing before your eyes as you wish you could go back in time to the way it once was
You collapse as people pretend to help you even though they arent even trying
You try your best to trust them even though your heart is crying
You see all the burns on your body and wonder why fire must burn
You convince yourself you look like a freak and you force you head to turn
All you see is flames as you close your eyes as its the end and realize that humanity were the ones that took everything you wanted to do in life everything you have ever desired
This poem is not about fire.