Student Poems inspired by “Chicago” by Carl Sandburg

Family Fun Time, Jade Harris, ’23

Peter Jinadu & Vivian Ebom, ’25

Enchantments for the World,

Parasite Creator, Ominous Community,

Blood-Stained Roads, Mysterious Deaths, and Hidden Truths.

Gray and gloomy aura, with fog-covered streets.

Town of  “animal attacks” and the unknown.

City of the jinxed, Mystic Falls.


They say that it’s home to vampires, witches, and werewolves. Too many secrets to keep, not enough to share with untold truths that not many can bare.

The terrible origin of this town shows. People chanting under their breath “Phasmatos”.

Infinite creatures of the dark,  leaving each of their victims tainted with a vampiric mark.

Each animal forever cursed, with their everlasting, unsatisfied thirst.


Rumors flowing around about the damaging disputes of Mystic Falls when in reality, it holds the innocence of teenage love. I then say to the gossip igniters:
What other city holds the essence and spirit of magic itself; having it course through the veins of the town?

What other city goes back to ancient times on the true and meaningful origins of the town?

Townsmen, fierce and brave, prepared to protect their home by whatever means necessary — what other city has citizens as loyal as they?










Underneath the harsh winds in coordination with the highly noticeable change in the atmosphere,

they’re there.

Underneath the full moon with howling wolves prepared to attack, they’re there.

Underneath the skies tainted with a bright tint of scarlet followed by screams, they’re there.

Things they say that wouldn’t normally occur take place. Events new to the human eye and each time they’re there, they’re laughing.

Hexes for the world, parasitic creations,  eerie communities, blood-tainted roads, increase of deaths, and unsaid secrets. Town of  “animal attacks” and the unknown. City of the jinxed,  this is Mystic Falls.


Atlantis by Arielle Tyson, ’25

Sea King of the World

Guards of the King, Underwater Musicians

 Kingdom Under the Sea, Known by No Man

Traditional, Careful, Loyal

City full of Beauty and Mystery:

It’s said you are not aware of it, but you never know until you look deeper.

And when its uttered from the mouths of the ones above, 

it strikes questions and interest in what lies beneath.

And those who have seen what is among them, fear and confusing stikes chills through their spines

But what actually lives in a place of secrecy is sure to be unexpected.

Heard people talk of it as fiction, mythical and unreal. 

And what I say to that is it’s a beautiful sample of imagined magical atmosphere filled with the unheard.

 The sea and all that it inhabits, from coral to fish, and fish to people with scales. 





Dangerous, Adventurous, Curious

Under the Sea lies a world unimagined, but what could be a wondrous place if perceived.

When fear of the unknown falls upon human, The sea become careful

Curiosity brings on danger, but for the sake of the sea brings on traditions and mystery

And one must fight for loyalty and family,The kingdom brings The fish to the Guards, and the Guards to the King in union to answer the unknown of what lies in the City full of Beauty and Mystery.


Broadway by Benjamin Peden, ’25

Entertainment of the World,

Dream Makers, Rise of Stars,

Stage of Make Belief and the Nation’s paid Liars;

Scary, ambitious, dramatic,

Street of the Dream Crushers:


They tell me you are unachievable and I believe them, for I have seen the massacre of hearts

you have broken.

And they tell me you are unreliable and I answer: Yes, it is true for I have seen the rugged run

down life conditions.

And they tell me you have a barbaric character and my reply is: On the faces of dream

believers I have seen the marks of surrendering from dreams.

And having answered so I turn once more to those who sneer this establishment, and I give

them back the sneer and say to them:

Come and show me another establishment with lifted head singing so proud to be alive and

resilient and persistent and confident.

Learner of flocking amid the toil of piling audition on audition, here is a tall bold slugger set

vivid against the little soft theaters,

Perseverant as a bison with tongue motivated for repeating, talented as a swan pitted

against the undisturbed waters,





Building, breaking, rebuilding,

Under the sweat, wet all over his mouth, laughing with white teeth,

Under the terrible burden of destiny laughing as a young man laughs,

Laughing even as an bratty dancer laughs who has never lost a competition,

Bragging and laughing that under his wrist is the pulse, and under his ribs the heart of the actors,


Laughing the stormy, husky, talented laughter of Youth, half-naked, sweating, proud to be Dream Makers, Rise of Stars, Player of Make Belief and Entertainment to the Nation.