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3-Object Story Winner!

Nathan Ford, '25 April 12, 2022

Writers were asked to include the following objects in a story of 100-300 words: onion, magnifying glass, flower “What’re you two doing in here?” The voice heard was gravely and deep. Slowly, I...

Closer Than They Appear, Amanda Lumpkins, 22

Four Years

Jakaylen Reynolds, '22 April 6, 2022

Your name rings in my ear like the eerie ringing of the phone  in the silent house that morning you passed. When I think of you.  I hear the ice bumping against your glass cup as you walk to...

Picrew Link used for making character shots: https://picrew.me/image_maker/1249827

Infinity (novel excerpt)

Cross Gordon, '24 April 6, 2022

Prologue  My eyes opened and instantly squinted against the sun. “Why did we have to put the bed right in front of the window where the sun rises every morning ?” I quietly grumbled. I threw my...


Welcome To My Heart

Rylee Miller, '25 March 9, 2022

Enter - Non Remittal - Privacy - Ice - Variation   Welcome, welcome Come in, come in Welcome to my heart  It’s been so long since I’ve had company But yes, enter please   Sorry...

Young Hearts and Minds by Nyla Bishop, 25

Breonna Taylor

Melissa Fateen, '23 March 5, 2022

No knock at the door  The police came barging in  Breonna Tayor was caught in the war  Bullets were flying through the wind  The family pleaded for justice  After people saw the video,...

Fall, Amanda Lumpkins, 22


Mia Knox,'22 February 22, 2022

She is an abyss of stretch marked skin.  She is a caramel sea littered with dents and imperfections.  She is curves that don't hide,  And flesh that doesn't apologize.  She is strong black...

Rainbow Stars, 
Zimuzo Ugwuanyi, 22

Immortal, novel excerpt

Samantha Sextonson, '22 February 21, 2022

Jane’s not so pleased with her village life in a town just outside what would nowadays be London. She finds every opportunity to escape into the woods. The one place where she doesn’t have to worry...

SaaungkhTarrer_Lost In Space_Graphic Design.

Not Yet Perfect

Lorenzo Brooks, '24 February 17, 2022

Once kings and queens towering over the cities before us As we arise in the morning to our beautiful scenes With the loyal ones that we trust  Not all perfect for there are prisoners we’ve...

Lost Friends, Nyla Bishop, 25

Originality at a Cost 

Kere Eno, '22 February 11, 2022

Kere  The four-letter word that I am fortunate enough  to call my name.  Means “Don’t forget the Lord”. The name that made me  hate attendance. Always mispronounced and...

Hay Willow, Kaylee Grage, 25

As I Was Born To Be

Karmyn Davis, '23 February 10, 2022

As I was born to be. By Karmyn Davis As a young one, I was never … looked at equally for my skin tone. In a classroom full of blue or green eyes… hair peacefully laid down with straightness...

Unnamed Body, oil on canvas, Janet Amuh, 22

“Unnamed Body”

January 20, 2022

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