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Unnamed Body, oil on canvas, Janet Amuh, 22

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January 20, 2022

He Remained Silent

Mia Knox,'22 January 20, 2022

Finally turning to look at him, Yara desperately tried to remember what it was like when they first fell in love. Pinching her eyes closed for the 17th time that hour, she thought about how he used to...

Cerberus (novel excerpt)

Ari Bauer, '24 January 13, 2022

Waves crashed against the hull of the ship. “Reef the sails," Captain Mebla shouted, “Benill, you're going to have to climb up the rigging and tie them back; the lines are broken. Hang on, we're going...

A Simple Recipe for College Acceptance: Requires no sleep, food, or self-care

Alyssa Brigham, '22 November 24, 2021

Place in a Large Bowl:   -All of your hard work -All of your determination -10-12 Sports and Activities -At least 1 class that you can’t seem to do well in, no matter how hard you...

Recipe for Happiness

Jada Barrow, '24 November 24, 2021

RECIPE FOR HAPPINESS     Cup of smile  Cup of enthusiasm  Pint of cheerfulness  Pint of joy  A large helping of positivity  A large helping of peacefulness  2...

Ten Years

Ten Years

Madison Cowley, '22 November 10, 2021

Strong Voices: 6-Word Challenge

Samantha Sextonson, '22 November 10, 2021

Strong voices, hearty experiences, tangible pain.

Film: The Games We Play

November 3, 2021

Ari Bauer, 24

Breathe: 6-Word Challenge

Peyton Black, '22 October 14, 2021

Living through the breath of others.

The Lonely Bridge by Ari Bauer 24

What We Carry

September 20, 2021

Janet Amuh, '22 When my ancestors whisper advise in my ear, I taste honey and ginger, I carry the smell of mango butter melting in my scalp attracting butterfly clips to land and secure my braids, Light...

Stars & Stripes, Amanda Lumpkins, 22

What is EDDA? 3 Reasons to Subscribe

June 28, 2021

Edda Art & Literary Magazine is the official source of H-F's creative talent. Edda offers a safe space for students to express themselves through writing and visual forms. Edda showcases amazing...

Adding a featured image enhances each story

Adding a featured image enhances each story

Sample Student, Sports Editor May 23, 2021

There are two ways to add a photo to a story in WordPress.  One is to set the photo as a Featured Image for the story, and the other is to insert the photo into the body of the story’s text.  Your...

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