Infinity (novel excerpt)

Picrew Link used for making character shots:

Picrew Link used for making character shots:

Cross Gordon, '24


My eyes opened and instantly squinted against the sun. “Why did we have to put the bed right in front of the window where the sun rises every morning ?” I quietly grumbled. I threw my legs over the side of the bed, my white nightgown falling just below my ankles. My arms extended in a long stretch and as I observed my fingers I saw that the nail polish me and Arabelle had put on each other was beginning to rub off. Once she wakes up I’ll tell her about it and we can fix it later. I glanced back at where she was sleeping next to me, her relaxed face and soft breathing was the cutest thing.

I’m so glad I met Arabelle, she makes me so happy and feel like I can really have a life and fit in. I got up quietly, so as to not ruin the adorableness of my girlfriend, and sluggishly made my way across the room. However, as I got to the door I heard that my quietness had failed. 

“Elowyn ?” a faint voice questioned. 

I turned towards the bed and happily replied, “Hello my morning bell.” 

Arabelle let out a small laugh before bringing herself out of bed, stretching the same as I did and making her way towards me in the doorway. I took her head in my hand and kissed her lightly on the cheek as she arrived, and a smile rose on her face. I led her out the bedroom door and into the main part of our house. In an instant she went over to the kitchen and began making us breakfast. Taking my place at the table I sort of spaced out until I felt the fresh smell of delicious food in my nose.

“I call this, Bushels and Bread.” Arabelle said and smiled as she turned towards the fridge to grab some tea from the past days.

“It looks amazing ! What’s in it ?” I inquired as my girlfriend poured both of us drinks.

“Some homemade toast as a base, with a fresh mint spread, strawberry slices, and pine tree sprigs as a garnish.” Arabelle seemed very proud as always after she finished. I nodded and eagerly picked up a slice to eat it. The strawberries were so fresh and the mint was a perfect contrast to their fruity taste.

“These are amazing, Arabelle !” I bursted.

A look of surprise came over her and she let out a little laugh. “I’m glad you like them, I’ll make them again sometime for you.” She finished. 

After every crumb on my plate was gone, and my cup of tea was dried up, I offered to do the dishes for us. As I was cleaning them I addressed Arabelle about my nails, “Y’know, my nail polish you put on is scraping off really bad. Can we repaint them today ?” My sentence ended with a begging tone. 

“Of course we can ! I’d love to.” Arabelle beamed as she got up and almost ran for the bathroom where we kept the supplies.

I quietly finished washing up and turned to the bedroom to get a fresh set of clothes. 

“Arabelle !” I called, “I’m going to get dressed while you’re in there, you should too so I can clean our nightgowns.” I then opened the door back into the bedroom and headed for the closet. Observing my side of clothes I figured I’d wear something simple and chose a white hand-knit sweater, one of my long beige skirts and a darker brown cardigan to go over it. I slipped out of my nightgown and sat down to put on my skirt first, then my laced socks.

I got off the bed and went to grab my sweater, as I picked it up though I heard the door open and Arabelle’s gasp of surprise.

“AH sorry ! I heard you say you were gonna be in here but I got so caught up in finding the nail polish that I forgot !” Arabelle frantically stuttered.

“It’s okay,” I calmed as I turned around to look at her, still holding the shirt I was about to put on, “We live together and we’re dating so no need to apologize.” I smiled and turned back around to let the sweater fall over my torso.

“Elowyn, I forgot you had that scar. Are you sure you’re okay ? It looks bad.” Arabelle whispered and trailed off the end of her statement. I knew exactly what she was talking about, it’s something I wish I could forget but it would always be there. 

“Yeah, it’s fine.” I put on my cardigan and made my way towards the door. Before I left I looked at Arabelle, “You should get dressed too. I want to go buy flowers for the garden today.”

The comment finished and I left the room, shutting the door behind me. I didn’t want to talk about my past or anything about me, I’m a normal person and there’s nothing wrong with me.