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Looking Glass Self, Maleko Myers, 24

Face Two Face

Sidney Bester, '23 January 24, 2023

When they see me, they see a distant sky. To them, my aura manifests itself as a crisp baby blue;  It reflects just how cool I am. And by cool, I mean cool, calm, and collected.  Could have...

Magazine Cover Contest!

October 31, 2022

Guidelines: Deadline is January 9th @ midnight. We are looking for an interesting, engaging COVER that fits our theme of MAGICAL REALISM. Magical Realism is a style/genre which combines both realistic...


August 7, 2022


Overlooked, Nyla Bishop, 25


Kevon Sloss, '22 April 6, 2022

One day I woke up and I just started thinking… What happens when I die? And what I realized was the only thing humans know about death is that person is now an empty husk. A shell of their former selves...

Closer Than They Appear, Amanda Lumpkins, 22

Four Years

Jakaylen Reynolds, '22 April 6, 2022

Your name rings in my ear like the eerie ringing of the phone  in the silent house that morning you passed. When I think of you.  I hear the ice bumping against your glass cup as you walk to...


Welcome To My Heart

Rylee Miller, '25 March 9, 2022

Enter - Non Remittal - Privacy - Ice - Variation   Welcome, welcome Come in, come in Welcome to my heart  It’s been so long since I’ve had company But yes, enter please   Sorry...

SaaungkhTarrer_Lost In Space_Graphic Design.

Not Yet Perfect

Lorenzo Brooks, '24 February 17, 2022

Once kings and queens towering over the cities before us As we arise in the morning to our beautiful scenes With the loyal ones that we trust  Not all perfect for there are prisoners we’ve...

広がり, Evan Washington, 25

The Villain (novel excerpt)

Asia Bing, '23 February 10, 2022

The Villain - 11:24 p.m Trigger Warning: Blood, Mentions of death There is something there in the dark.  There always has been, whether I acknowledge it or not. Watching my every move, criticizing...

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