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EDDA Art & Literary Magazine

Cover by DeAnthony Garner, 27

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April 25, 2024


Sydney Hamilton, 26

Did I ever tell you that I’m not doing well?

April 12, 2024

I know myself, of course I didn’t Maybe because my secret I don’t tell Something about it feels so forbidden Or maybe it’s the fact that I feel alone Always in search of something or someone...

Jordan Washington, 26

A Letter to Aretha

April 11, 2024

Thank you Thank you for your insight    Thank you for the comforting lyrics That eases my soul like sitting in a love seat   And with a journey that drags the bad And lets...

Mia Wallace, 25

Imitation Poems from Contemporary Literature Honors Classes

April 9, 2024

I saw Tamir Rice. His eyes beamed with black boy joy as he played with his siblings. I saw Samaria Rice enjoying the company of her SUN. In which her world revolved around.  I saw Tamir Rice,...

Javiyah Israel, 25


March 11, 2024

Gum. chew it. spit it out because, it got used for all its worth different pieces on repeat chew. spit. chew. spit. until... it's the last piece none left to chew because you realize, the more...

Jayda Dent. 26

Celebrating Black Excellence & Joy!

February 2, 2024

"Black" by LaNiya Whitlock '25 Black love is strong,  Forgiving, and hopeful. The power of love is unbeatable, Spoken by our black leaders we should fight hate with love and pray. Black...

Seasons Writing Contest Winner

January 22, 2024

"A Little Bit of Everything" by Ariel Rose, '24 Family and tradition; its a form of transition A transition back home Coming back from college and no longer being alone   Autumn and Fall To...

Javiyah Israel, 25


January 19, 2024

Some intend to play pretend Like I'm some sort toy Baby this isn’t Disneyland Its Twisted Wonderland Demeanted and relentless Most expect it to be precious But instead its just contentious Overzealous...

Kai Craddock, 24

low grass

November 28, 2023

  there will always be one above  and one below the low grass can rise but the high can too our cursed bread is only  cursed to few for to the others, it’s trash and won’t...

Drake Salazar, 24

“What did I do?”

November 28, 2023

  Common answer from My fragile mind Desperate attempts always  Go Unanswered  Yet in my head, I answer For you “It’s always my fault” I Shut myself inside I cry...

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