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Life Is Short

Kai Smith, '23 December 17, 2021

Life is short, so just live.

Music Escape

Alaina Barnett, '23 December 3, 2021

Making music my own escape room.


Vince Waterman, '23 December 3, 2021

Leaving past behind, excitement for future. 

Of Many Worlds

Dyllan Hanna, '23 November 24, 2021

Reading, imagining, lost in the pages.

Surviving the near End

Javiyah Israel, '25 November 24, 2021

Loving, worrying, holding onto friends.

Recipe for Happiness 

Madisyn Dickens, '24 November 24, 2021

Brew a cup of self love Add a pump of compassion Add another pump of patience Stir in some perseverance Finally sit back and drink your hot cup of happiness


Anthony Okafor, '24 November 24, 2021

On a hot summer day, Could be out fishing, But instead imma be whipping it up in the kitchen  First off cracked an egg and it went “plop” as it dropped Must have woke up feeling brisk, Ran...

A Simple Recipe for College Acceptance: Requires no sleep, food, or self-care

Alyssa Brigham, '22 November 24, 2021

Place in a Large Bowl:   -All of your hard work -All of your determination -10-12 Sports and Activities -At least 1 class that you can’t seem to do well in, no matter how hard you...

Recipe for Happiness

Jada Barrow, '24 November 24, 2021

RECIPE FOR HAPPINESS     Cup of smile  Cup of enthusiasm  Pint of cheerfulness  Pint of joy  A large helping of positivity  A large helping of peacefulness  2...

Strong Voices: 6-Word Challenge

Samantha Sextonson, '22 November 10, 2021

Strong voices, hearty experiences, tangible pain.

Transformation: 6-Word Challenge

Jacob Harris, '25 November 10, 2021

transformation, rapid, solitude, who am I?

Art by Diamond Carrington, 22

Strange Fiction: 6-Word Challenge

Diamond Carrington, '22 October 29, 2021

Strange Fiction, Inside An Incinerating Mind

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