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Nyla Bishop, 25

Where I Come From–Community Series from Class of ’24

September 13, 2023

I am from karaoke rap battles on easter sunday  from the hard workers and jokes that  would extract the anger out of anyone  I'm from a 2 bedroom 1 bath I'm from “those are not fireworks” I...

Carolyn Davis

HIP HOP 50th Anniversary Tribute Contest

August 16, 2023

H-F Hip Hop Tribute Contest 2023  Rules for Writing (For Art, please scroll down) The song/rap/poem must be an original work by the student. Submission must be uploaded to EDDA Google...

JoRome Burns, 24

The Breath of Life

Isaiah Cole, '26 May 17, 2023

You can breathe like the leaves  of a nice brown autumn tree,  for they know of all  of the patience and prosperity    Or breathe like the rain of spring but you will find out...

Vianney Martinez, 25

The Finality of Death

Jordin Bates, '26 May 3, 2023

How will I die? Walking to school Car crash Drowning Suffocation Murder Armed robbery Plane crash Kidnapping Starvation When will I die? This century This decade This year This month This...

Carlyn Davis, 24


Sofia Garcia, '26 May 1, 2023

Fire It burns your skin and turns it into ashes People don't see that once fire burns someone they have permanent scratches and patches You try to drop tuck and roll but in the end the fire is...

Looking Glass Self, Maleko Myers, 24

Face Two Face

Sidney Bester, '23 January 24, 2023

When they see me, they see a distant sky. To them, my aura manifests itself as a crisp baby blue;  It reflects just how cool I am. And by cool, I mean cool, calm, and collected.  Could have...


Paige Barrett, '23 January 9, 2023

Somehow I love yet dread their existence. One day they embrace the living, the next they bury you six feet under the dirt of hypocrisy. For I am one of those people. Concealed by the words of those who...

Poems Inspired by the Harlem Renaissance

January 9, 2023

"Who Am I" by Kailyn Beckham, '23 You see my father the pastor and make assumptions You assume i'm really sweet holier than thou You assume i'm going to do everything by the rules The questions...


Kendra Hoskins, '25 December 14, 2022

Our love was like a river, Destined to someday separate. Your words are the thing that gave me life, And took it away painfully leaving us both with heartbreak. We were like a coin destined...

A Helping Hand, Nyla Bishop, 25

An Ode to Who?

Julianne Posey, '26 December 7, 2022

This is an ode  To my empty mind With a thirst for words that just won’t come Parched by the persistent pest that is Procrastination   This is an ode To the rhythmic tap of...

Red Flowers  

Sydney Villanueva, '24 November 28, 2022

A new month comes around  Autumn leaves fall down Falling down like crimson  Resonating between her legs  There is a growing pain of crimson  Pooling crimson water suffocating mammals  Red...

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