Where I Come From

Taleah Spurling '23

I am from ruckus and chaos,

Loud noises, laughing and talking.

I am from the clunky roller skates,

The smell of cheesy pizza,

The popcorn being rolled over


I’m from the carnivals,

Fried oreos, funnel cakes,

Spaghetti, and nachos.


I am from the golf ball course,

And movie nights, 

From the TV on at night.


I am from the scent of brownies filling the air.

Kids running around 

And some putting on frowns.

From the dolls and legos

On the ground


I’m from the nicknames





I’m from pop music,

Dancing all around my room,

Singing quietly,

Acting as if I’m in a music video.


I’m from black girl this,

Home girl that,

“Why your hair look a mess,”

“I love your natural hair,”

“That’s not your natural hair,”

“I love your straight hair,”

“Lean your head over in the sink!”

Yeah I hear all that


I’m especially from keep your head straight,

Hair snatching, tight braiding,

Beads clanking, hot comb burning,

“Ow! That’s a hurtin”


I’m from me and I’ll find out more

Of me when the time is a comin’