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“Fun Fact: Today’s oldest living tree (a Bristlecone Pine) was already 1000 years old when the last wooly mammoth died”

by AnDrea Taylor, ’24

I saw the last beginning,

And I will see the next end.


Older the very dirt I lay my roots in.

Older than the beasts that walked this planet far before your time.


I stand firm.

Hydrated by the very rain the beasts drank,

And nourished by the very sun that dried their bones.


I saw them live, I saw them survive,

I saw them fight.

I saw them wring each other’s necks,

I saw their blood drain into the dirt.

I saw their life drain from their bodies

And into my roots.


I saw the fall of beasts,

And the rise of man.


I saw the sharing of the first leaf

And the throwing of the first stone.


I saw the falling of my younger friends.

I saw the ax you refuse to use on me.


If only I deserved such mercy.


I saw the casting of the first spear

I saw the thrust of the first sword

I saw the crack of the first whip

I saw the shooting of the first gun


And I will see the blast of the last bomb


I will the next beginning

And I will see the next end.

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