As I Was Born To Be


Hay Willow, Kaylee Grage, ’25

Karmyn Davis, '23

As I was born to be.

By Karmyn Davis

As a young one, I was never …

looked at equally for my skin tone.

In a classroom full of blue or green eyes…

hair peacefully laid down with straightness that came naturally.

And.. for me… think ponytails with brown simple eyes.

How unfair.

They held attention with their mothers putting them in multiple events…

… so easily talented they were, and how simple they got in.

My mother struggled to put me in things because they thought I could do no better than what they had.

For them they had favorites, even if they were bad.. they still were put on.

How unfair

So I did what my color would do. I made a difference.

I became one of the fastest people at the school.

I became talented with my voice.

I became a gymnast.

I became an artist.

I became a photographer.

I became as I was born to be.

( laugh ) How unfair.