Welcome To My Heart


“Amu,” Saraiah Allen, ’25

Rylee Miller, '25

Enter – Non Remittal – Privacy – Ice – Variation


Welcome, welcome

Come in, come in

Welcome to my heart 

It’s been so long since I’ve had company

But yes, enter please


Sorry about the mess

Like I said it’s been some time

Everyone else I’ve let in before

Has chewed it up cut it up

Trashed it and left it so abrupt

That all that was left was dirt and grime

But don’t worry, it’s fine


No, I don’t trust you alone with it just yet

Apologies again for my reluctancy

But after all my past visitors I’m quite attached to my privacy

I am all I trust

I am all I believe in

I am all I can love

Not because I want to, but because I must


You’ve probably heard the rumors, right?

“You don’t want her heart,” they say

“It’s not worth the trouble,” they say

I’m so used to hearing their whispers and murmurs

It’s not so foreign nowadays

They say I’m bitter, a prude, so selfish, so rude

They say my heart is just black ice

But if you had such bad blood with love

Would you still want to play nice?


I’ll answer that one for you-you wouldn’t

You wouldn’t want to suffer in such a way

You wouldn’t want the sorrow heartbreak brings

I know it all too well and I know you wouldn’t 

How it haunts you forever

And how like an infected wound 

It stings

For the pain is too much to bare

But then again maybe you just don’t care


Maybe you just don’t care

Maybe you’re just like all the other esteemed guests of my heart

Not caring what you do or what you say

As long as you can convince me to stay

Whisper sweet nothings in my ear

The way you say them sounding so appetizing

But when I finally bring them to my mouth

The taste is so tart

So sour

So fake


There’s no variation in those who want my heart

Too mean, too sneaky, so lazy, so creepy

All the same to me now

All of them are the same

They took too much and gave too little

And their love for me ended in non remittal 

As did my love for them

As did my love for love


My love for love…

Oh love, my love 

How could you betray me so?

You promised me safety

You promised me comfort

You promised me all the beautiful, wonderful things

My lovesick heart desired

And you lied 

You lied 

You lied to me

You lied to my heart

You lied to us

Right from the very start


On second thought, I think you should go

No no, it’s not you it’s me

It’s the way it has to be

I should clean up and tidy up

From my past relationships

I’m not ready for company

I’m not ready to love yet

I’m not ready for it all

I’m not ready

I’m not ready