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EDDA Art & Literary Magazine

Cross Gordon, 24

Gratitude Haikus & 6-Word Stories

November 16, 2023

Forever thankful For things that make life joyful Oh how we neglect it   Gratitude unto you, my sweet adversary   hate has long been gone for our joy is all the same relive...

Malachi Lee, 23
Out Of Time

6-Word Challenge: SENIORITIS!

April 12, 2023

Slowly slipping into the murky depths.--Faith Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming-Duane  Don't got arthritis, i got senioritis--Kalel  Start living my best life soon-- Zana Everyone here...

Carmella Abramczyk, 24

6-Word Challenge: What I’ll Miss Most About Summer

October 27, 2022

The quiet contemplation of sunny afternoons. --Samantha Chalmers, '25 I miss going to the resorts. --Michael Winfield, '25 My summer was Full of surprises. --Lavell Person, '25 I miss my freedom...

Amari Day, 26

Goodbye, Summer! 6-Word Challenge Submission Guidelines

September 20, 2021

What will you miss about SUMMER?                           Tell us in exactly 6 words! Be automatically entered into a raffle for a gift card! Guidelines Rules for Writing (For Art,...

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