Kendra Hoskins, '25

Our love was like a river,

Destined to someday separate.

Your words are the thing that gave me life,

And took it away painfully leaving us both with heartbreak.

We were like a coin destined to be together,

Both cursed to be on different sides.

I knew we would never work for your soul matched mine entirely.

Ironically two negatives make a positive.

We just happened to be the exception.

Who would’ve thought two villains.

Two people looking for the same thing:


Couldn’t even make it work.

Through all the chaos,

Through all the destruction,

We were still each other’s downfall.

Our love was poison.

It killed anything and everything that tried to harm us…

Including each other.

I guess it is true after all,

All love isn’t meant to blossom, 

All love isn’t meant to bloom,

All love should not be cherished,

All love shouldn’t grow,


Get deeper,

Get stronger.

There was no light in our darkness.

There was no sane to our madness.

There was no good to our bad.

We were just two villains without a hero.

And nothing can survive without the sun.

It’s just a matter of when.