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Where I Come From

Grant Crosby, Jr. ’24
Cross Gordon, ’24

I am from where when the gas go out we use hot boiling water to take a bath, when it’s cold in the house we turn on the oven to stay warm,

I am from the south side of Chicago and a 6 bedroom house with 10 plus people.

 I am from the ghetto when the big homies mislead the youth and make them do something they wouldn’t do instead telling them what’s right. 

I am from when you show love they take advantage of you and when you show hate they give you glory.

I am from the dark side of Chicago. It’s kill or be killed if you walk away you get called a punk for being the bigger person. 

I am from when the police pull you over, you have to be prepared if they finna take your life or not. 

I am from when they scream black lives matter but still killing each other, except showing love they show hate instead of showing hate they show signs of jealousy. 

I am from when children feel left out if they don’t have the same thing you got. 

I am from a judging world. It doesn’t matter how you look or dress, someone always has something bad to say about you.

I am from when you do something good you don’t get rewarded but if you do something bad you get discipline. 

I am from the poor mamma stressing to pay the bills. My sister and brother don’t have a father to call. 

I am from you have to take risks because if you dont you will be left behind!. 

I am from the struggle when you are hungry you have to go out there to go eat. Hopefully you don’t get beat! 

I am from only the strongest survive and only real men know how to manage their love for others. 

I am from to become a man you have to look out for others and show you different then where you came from. 


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