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“Sweet Dreams” by W.A. Jakobs, ’27

On a stormy night, a boy named Evan sat on his bed. He was fidgeting with his plushies, clenching them every time lightning struck. His room was a dark void with rapid strikes of light cutting through every now and then. He held his torch in his hand as he scanned the room. The soft hums of the house mourned in the silence. Evan tried to get some sleep, yet failed. The storm kept him up as the rest of the house was dead silent.

He attempted to get off his bed in hopes of finding a form of company to help him through the night; but as he stepped off his springy bed, he felt something prick his leg. He rushed his leg back up and hid under his blanket, trembling. Little chirps could have been heard from under his bed, they seemed mechanical.

Then a little figure emerged from the edge of his bed. He shined his light at it and he saw a little mechanical gremlin in the image of a tiny bear. With the sight of this, he let out a blood curdling scream, awaking his family. In almost an instant, his brother came rushing to his rescue. He swatted off the little creature and grabbed Evan in his arms.

“You’re alright!” Evan held on tight as he was taken through his dark room to his brother’s room.

As they approached the door, they heard heavy footsteps approaching. They stepped back as the steps grew heavier, until a figure emerged from the shadowy hall outside the door. A giant golden bear that gleamed with the light of the torch Evan held, it lanced at them, grabbing Evan brother. The monster bear hauled him into the dark, leaving Evan frozen as if he was in ice.

Evan suddenly jolted awake and he rapidly scanned his room. It was illuminated by the warm light of the sun. He sighed in relief as he jumped down his bed and rushed to the door.

Under the door, he saw a streak of dried blood leading outside. He slowly exits the room to find his brother lying dead on the ground. In fear, he rushes back to his room, but is stopped in his tracks by that same demonic golden bear.

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  • N

    Noah SteinerMar 14, 2024 at 8:49 pm

    THIS PIECE OF ART IS BRILLIANT!!!!! I love FNAF and this genius depicted the fourth game in the series so immaculately!