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Inspired by Carl Sandburg’s “Chicago”: selected poems from Mr. Mulling’s Class

Joshua Farjardo, ’24

“Chicago House” By Angelo Spezza, ’26

Lifeblood of the City

The Forgotten Escape  


— — — — — 

Nobody remembers 

The joy of the sound

New generations will never know

The feeling 

Dying Past 

No Future 

The Sound of the City

Leaving Fast

— — — — — 

There is hope

Not only in the music

But in the people

The way music moves 

It shall make a return

But for all we know

It is the lifeblood of the City

— — — — —






Listen with the volume turned up,

Don’t turn it off,

Keep it alive

— — — — —


The Forgotten Escape

Life Blood of the City


“The Wonderful Wonder of Chicago” by Aunyai’ Deere, ’26

Millennium Park, Navy Pier
City festivals, Skyscrapers
Chicago Bulls , Chicago Sky
Loud, Cheerful, Busy
City of the Greatest Athletes
They say the streets dangerous and I agree, I have seen on the news all the things that has
happened in the city.
And they tell us stay in the house and we don’t and that puts us in danger and a risk of not
coming home that night.
And they tell me Chicago is not the city to raise a family in or live in and cause its dangerous my
response is: maybe that’s right cause there is somethings that happen in Chicago that families
shouldn’t see.
And they say all the bad things about Chicago but what about the turning point to making the
city amazing again.
Name a place that supports sports and is willing to cheer there team on through wins and loses.
And people who go through hardships walking through the streets but still put a smile on there
face to uplift and supports the next person.
People dancing, cheering, singing ; dog running and barking and everybody being free among
each other living the dream.
Working in the loud, cheerful, busy city of Chicago
Winning, proud to be in the wonderful city of Chicago,
Millennium Park, Navy Pier, City of the Greatest Athletes.


“Chicago Remix,” Nia McGowan, ’26

Giordano’s succulent deep dish tomato basil crispy crust pizza

Day or night, driving down lake shore drive leads to the magnificent chicago skyline

With towers high and low, antennas kissing the clouds

Hungry for harold’s fried crisp tasty chicken

Taste for the buttery, popped the best in the city, Garrett’s popcorn

at the hating outsiders.

They say too much violence

They say too many kidnappings

too many mass shootings

too many car jackings

They say you have to worry about sending your kids to school everyday.

Does it have to be like this?

Worrying about what the future of your kids lifestyle would look like

They say so many homeless people on the streets are sad and lonely.

Answering back,

And it’s true.

Shamed about it but, nothing i can do to fix it alone

Each city has Its own problems

Fix your own








Going to Navy-Pier, Steak 48 and 31st beach

Seeing the bean that everyone loves, But to me is just a piece of silver steel

Oh well, at second glance, i guess it does make for a nice piece of art

Unique to chicago, having the Bud Bulliken parade every year, having most the city out and enjoying the time of their lives

Proud of the city to be mines

Loving it for what it is

Laughing at the hating outsiders.


“Savannah, Georgia” by Malaya Rouse, ’26

First Planned City for the world

Horse- drawn carriages, eighteenth century architecture

Benches with Fame and the states’ water supplier

Sweaty, Sunny. Rainy

City of the lost souls

They tell me you are disastrous and I consider them truthful, for I caught a glimpse of your hurricanes rip through the homes of family and leaving children without a home

And they tell me you are crowded and i answer; Yes its is true I have seen the streets packed with tourists and hard to get through nowhere to escape

And they tell me you are uncomfortably humid and my response is; on foreheads I have seen the sweat drip and the people collapse

And I laugh in the faces of those who hate my city and instead I look at them and say proudly name another city that had one of the first museums in the south

Reveal another city that has one of the oldest african american congregations in north america proud of their african american history and strong and beautiful and mystical.

Show me a city that has one of the best southern dishes and has good fresh seafood they catch from their own river.

As strong as a bear ready to fight 

As steady as a rock not willing to back down for anyone





Under the dreams and hopes people tried to crush for us 

We dream bigger,

We turn our hopes into reality,

We show them what we are all about.

Regardless of the people who wanted nothing for our city,

we continue to grow bigger and better,

Crackling at those who doubted us.

Standing tall sticking beside our

First Planned City for the world

Horse- drawn carriages, eighteenth century architecture

Benches with Fame and the states’ water supplier

Sweaty, Sunny. Rainy

City of the lost souls.

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    MauriceOct 24, 2023 at 1:16 am

    Loved it From Start To Finish

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