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Where I Come From–Community Series from Class of ’24

Ms. Mustafah’s Seniors composed poems about their origin stories and later combined parts into community pieces.
Nyla Bishop, ’25

I am from karaoke rap battles on easter sunday 

from the hard workers and jokes that 

would extract the anger out of anyone 

I’m from a 2 bedroom 1 bath

I’m from “those are not fireworks”

I am from the household where even if you didn’t have enough

you’ll still find a way to get your children everything they need/wanted.

From “you’re so spoiled” and 

“when we go to the store don’t ask for anything.”

Where I’m from, mistakes are forgiven

Disagreements are looked past

Hostility is short-lived

Her smile is always worn

No matter what we did


I come from passionate leaders who are goal oriented.

Where you must have your headset on your shoulders or fall behind

From the monthly doctors appointments,

the months of physical therapy,

and the feeling of an injury taking over your whole life

I am from the sold and conquered 

From the Jungles of both Africa y México

From Cultures who lost their languages

And from where Independence was never a given

But I have built cities on my shortcomings.

But I have created countryside from barren plains.

But I have nurtured crops to form from unwatered seeds.

I am not what I come from.

But I will never forget what I have made from it.


I come from a place where the darker your skin is the worse your treated 

From society uplifting those who are lighter to pressing skin bleaching onto innocent young black and brown girls.

Little did you know I come from fine China and the turned into fine China.

My inner child was stolen but now its healed.

I come from being lifted up yet having insecure thoughts race through my mind

Now it’s my time


I come from being in the pool my whole childhood to racing in front of a crowd

I come from practicing every morning and night

With weekends full of events

I come from a dream where I have lots of money and well off

Where I can provide for my mother in the future like she did me

Livings not perfect but I can always dream about a better day than today

A place where Dad did everything and mom wasn’t home,

Dad watched the games and mom was on the phone.

Family isn’t perfect, We all could do better, But it’ll all be ok if we just stick together.

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    Teresa JemineSep 13, 2023 at 9:39 am

    Awesome, beautiful poem.