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Letter to Incoming Freshmen

Ari Bauer, ’24
Cross Gordon, ’24

Dear Freshman, 

Welcome to H-F. I hope your year has been going well. If not here some free advice to help you get through your next 4 years of high school.

Things to avoid:

  • Falling in the biopond
    • We have a path for a reason
  • Getting stung by bees
    • H-F’s bees are friendly as long as you are. 
  • Mixing up upper and lower G
    • Here’s a tip: upper G is on top

If your ever late to class here are some excuses to avoid: 

  • I fell in the biopond
  • I got stung by a bee
  • I mixed up upper and lower G. 

Do you love school? 


  • Get a few tardies and you’ll get to be there for 5 hours every Saturday.


Transitioning extracurricular activities. It is preferable that you participate in as many of these as humanly possible (homework is overrated). 

  • Love arguing, about everything, while talking as fast as humanly possibly can
    • Join debate
  • Love bragging about your mile time. 
    • Join cross country
  • Wish you could do theater ran year round
    • Join speech
  • Love dressing up and shouting “objection!”
    • Join Mock Trial
  • Watched too much Pirates of the Caribbean and want a pet Parrot
    • Join zoobots
  • Played with toy swords as a kid
    • Join fencing 
  • Nerd with a photographic memory? 
    • Join scholastic bowl. 

Or start your own club (including but limited to) 

  • Beekeeping club
  • Synchronized swimming in the biopond
  • Geography club
    • Pro tip: Viking Country is not actually a country 
    • Also: Upper G is on top

Moving onto the topic of honors societies 

  • It’s preferable that you join enough of these that you have more required hours than are in the calendar year. As a result you may have to get creative with your volunteering. 
    • Hold the door open for your mother. Volunteering
    • Help your friend that fell into the biopond. Volunteering. 
    • 5 hour detention on a Saturday. Volunteering.
    • Drive your friend to the emergency room because they got stung by a bee and are allergic. Volunteering
      • The bees are friendly. I promise. 

On the topic of class rigor

  • Your counselor will tell you that you need this 
    • Don’t listen to them. 

But, if you really want to know what the class levels mean I’ll tell you

CP: What happens when you drink from the water fountain too many times in one day. 

H: When you don’t want to make a decision between IB and AP

AP: How am I passing this class

IB: IB be BS-ing 

That’s my essential advice for surviving your 4 years at HF. Let me make myself perfectly clear. Viking Country is not actually a country.

Sincerely, Ari


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