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EDDA Art & Literary Magazine

EDDA Art & Literary Magazine

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World Language Poetry Contest

January 13, 2022

This must be an original piece of writing and not exceed 25 lines. Submit 2 poems: 1 in Second Language, 1 in teacher-approved English translation. Please include name of teacher who approved...

copyright Dan Dressler

Photogram Contest

January 13, 2022

This must be an original piece of art. You may create the piece with any suitable media to create the "dark room" effect. Please send a compatible file jpeg, png. Include your full name, title...

Strong Voices: 6-Word Challenge

Samantha Sextonson, '22 November 10, 2021

Strong voices, hearty experiences, tangible pain.

Art by Diamond Carrington, 22

Strange Fiction: 6-Word Challenge

Diamond Carrington, '22 October 29, 2021

Strange Fiction, Inside An Incinerating Mind

Ari Bauer, 24

Breathe: 6-Word Challenge

Peyton Black, '22 October 14, 2021

Living through the breath of others.

Recipe Poem

Recipe Poem

September 26, 2021

Got a RECIPE for how to be a good friend, letting go, or finding yourself? You can choose any subject as long as you format your poem as a recipe. Guidelines Your work must be 100% original. One...

6-Word Challenge Submission Guidelines

September 20, 2021

How have you survived these challenging times? Tell us in 6 words! Guidelines Your work must be 100% original. One submission per student. No more than 6 Words. Please refrain from graphic...


September 20, 2021

SUBMIT We are looking for fresh voices and perspectives, new ideas, and reinvention of familiar topics. Language should be engaging and vivid, and places our readers in your created world. GUIDELINES: ...

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